"Kitarumo" by Jeremi Biziuk
I'm Jeremi Biziuk, a multidisciplinary artist based in the Hague, predominantly occupied with dreaming creatures, demons, conversations and scenarios into existence.
I find it rather difficult to specify what medium I'm working with, since it changes constantly depending on the project I'm working on. However, my most recent interests include making Masks of my numerous Demons, creating Sound Installations and Performances using simple square wave synths, speakers, transducers and string instruments, coding retro-inspired Video Games and sewing hanging Carpets.
Video Game(s)
I need to keep myself busy most of the time, hence I end up running several projects at the same time. Whether it's music, sculptures, video games or comic books, they all represent the same world, the world "Kitarumo" comes from.
Comic Book
He was my first creature I birthed with my hands. There's always a lot of attachment and nostalgia when it comes to the "firsts", and that's no different with Kitarumo.

And now that our little gathering of Demons is expanding, he doesn't seem so lonely anymore.
(Here's a short performance I did recently)
Anyways, now that you've made it all the way down here, I'd be very happy to let you explore more of my works on this page.

Have fun~