Jeremi Biziuk, "kitarumo"
-Catching Wind (2023)
-I'm gonna stay here for a while, so let's have some tea while we have time (2022)
-Piece for a Suit with Bells and
an Instrument (2023)
-A Pink Room for a Pink Dog (2021)
Jeremi Biziuk is an artist born in Poland, currently living and working in the Netherlands. His body of work largely consists of audio focused installations alongside various tools and wearable pieces crafted with the intention of being used and activated through his performances.

The origin and nature of sound is of great relevance to Jeremi's topic of research. Namely the act of creating sound and its various aspects in relation to both the performer and the audience are what drives his interest.

Making use of the audible, the artist is exploring the affect of focusing on the most fundamental features that come into approaching the submersive aspect of audio consumption inextricable from its performative nature. The contextual implications of each piece share a different insight into the process of its conceptualisation and execution, both of equal importance to the whole of each [works of] sound.

The final output of each audio endeavour is never finely predicted, as the everpresent unpredictable nature of sound itself in its every form is the mostly anticipated part of each act. Although that doesn't mean that direction of each piece is disregarded, for each sound work an anticipation and deliberate question is placed which is being explored through the content of the work.

Paying attention to the sublimal nature of sound, it's primal functions and characteristics are the aspects found most interesting for the artist.

In many cases, the combination of ritualistic wardrobe and time based musical performances reenact the [communal] urgency to share a moment in time and space. Through the joint experience of unison, the body is freed of contemporary weight and placed in an immediate awareness of its surroundings and inwards, itself. Thus the activation of sound affects the space, rendering it welcome towards its attenders to partake in their prolonged minute.

The usage of sound through handcrafted instruments and various tools puts the question of the situationality of the contemporary artist, viewed more in line with necessity rather than luxury, in contrast to how it is perceived on a contemporary [capitalist] society.

A different way of living, a reimagined way of creating, a manner of existing which doesn't exclude urgency nor practicality.

A body activated by sound, working in unison towards harmony of matter in space and time. A shared act of experiencing and digesting the temporary characteristics of sound.

-Czort and Gusle (2023)
-Piece for a Suit and a Floor (2023)