Jeremi Biziuk is a polish born artist currently living and working in Den Haag, the Netherlands, having graduated from a BA programme at their local university in 2022 and having been working as a professional artist since.

Their current artistic practice revolves around the idea of physically embodying sound and its visual translation. Through wearable pieces of costumes, spatial installations and acts of performance centred around bodily movements, the artist makes use of the textural quality of their audio material alongside their wearable textile works and various sculptural objects and tools. Creating a soundscape of noise, shimmers and whispers, the artist conducts them from within their worn outer veils, for which the visual inspiration of various traditional and folk-related wear is taken.

As a maker, Jeremi puts much of their attention towards their current research topic(s) centering around sound, performance and textures while visualising and crafting their works. At the moment, exploring the wider topic of Shimmers and Threads as interwoven pieces of his artistic puzzlement, the artist focuses their visual language on the texture and heavy presence of their textile pieces in relation to noise.

Live recordings, automated sound generators, folk inspired wear, texture and bodily immersion; these are the principles which drive the artist’s practice and interest throughout his life. A multidisciplinary practice which makes use of their experience in various arts and puts them into a freshly conceived mould.

Jeremi Biziuk aka kitarumo