Jeremi Biziuk aka kitarumo
"Shimmers///Murmurs" (2024)
"Shimmers///Murmurs" is an installation consisting of the various suits the artist has been sewing since 2023 and a centering turntable set up. The numerous textile costumes are placed throughout the space in different sitting and laying positions, loosely circling around the record player. The central turntable is set on a simple rectangular structure light from inside, shining light and focus onto the set up and the reflection of the ceramic plate spun by the musical apparatus.
Presented during the group exhibition "Murmurmurmur", at Stichting SeeLab, Den Haag, in 2024, the installation is curated into the group show together with the other participant's works.
The presented costumes inhabit the space in between the turntable and the audience. Their static and somewhat relaxed poses suggest a sort of concentration and focus on the played record. The ceramic plate which keeps turning on the player created a shimmering sound. Amplified through headphones, the audience is invited to listen to the rhythmic noise the needle creates gliding through the clay plate, while the silently audible shimmering echoes through the space in a breathing-like manner, filling the missing sound of the creatures.
Photos by: Mina Yee