Jeremi Biziuk, "kitarumo"
-Catching Wind (2023)
-I'm gonna stay here for a while, so let's have some tea while we have time (2022)
-Piece for a Suit with Bells and
an Instrument (2023)
-A Pink Room for a Pink Dog (2021)
"Piece for a Suit and a Floor" is an audio installation documenting a performance using a black hand sewn suit and a small piece of a wooden floor. Its presentation consists of the floor in question being hooked to audio exciters, a mixer amplifying the sound, and a small phone screen playing the video of the performed dance routine.
Photos by: Boris Windmeijer (2023)
-Czort and Gusle (2023)
"A crack which echoes through the floor
from the room behind a wall.
The steps that sound sporadically
during the silent moments inbetween
the audible sighs of irritation that escape my mouth.
I crave silence, but I'm subject to a nightly performance.
There is no beat and no rhythm so to speak
aside from the haphazard clicks and clacks,
the shuurs and badooms and tack-tack-tacks with tick-tooms.
-Piece for a Suit and a Floor (2023)
The performer is conducting a semi improvised dance routine making use of the wavy fabric to draw attention to the performative action of simple movement. While performing, the movements of the artist's feet against the wooden flooring are being recorded and amplified through contact microphones, thus the only audible sound is that of body against the floor.

A body is moving and making them sound
so loud and apparent, but it is itself hiding
while dancing on its own."
A simple set of tools and rules which focuses on the intricacy in the most basic form, one experienced in any living situation, amplified by the experience of the artist.

A manifestation of a short story written to express the dissatisfaction of a specific moment which lead to frustration beyond comprehension. Made beautiful and simple, digestable and straightforward.
Combining the audio recording with one of many hand sewn costumes and its subsequent use in a body focused performance, the artist is exercising the fundamentals of sound creation and its relation to human body.

The consequence of a predicted action and its minimal focus provide a very fundamental glimpse into mystifying the ordinary, beautifying the boring, telling the casual in an extraordinary manner.
Presented during a group exhibition "How to build a House, Step I; Foundation", the piece is part of an ongoing research into intriguing sound libraries collected from simple domestic circumstances.