Jeremi Biziuk, "kitarumo"
-Catching Wind (2023)
-I'm gonna stay here for a while, so let's have some tea while we have time (2022)
-Piece for a Suit with Bells and
an Instrument (2023)
-A Pink Room for a Pink Dog (2021)
"Piece for a Suit with Bells and an Instrument" is a performance focused on the sound in relation to bodily movements and a time based approach to experiencing audio pieces.

The main "tools" used for the piece are a hand sewn suit made of synthetic fur which contains many iron bells attached to its belt and a hand carved string instrument dubbed "a Box with two Tongues" inspired in its structure buy the family of Talharpa's and Jouhikko's.

Beginning with the intrusion of the dressed performer, the piece start with reciting a portion of poetry in between spontanious, dancing movements which activate the ringing sounds of the bells. Once the spoken word has concluded, the artist takes up a bow and begins playing a semi improvised piece of music using the box shaped instrument. Afterwards, the creature leaves.
"~Hiding a self which fears to speak
and showing the one that lusts for reach,
various objects gather and talk
and cling to a body such as me,
but still, each one of them deserves
to be introduced with a simple sound
of their name.~

The soft fur that shed away.

Its silky hair
lingers on my veil.

The smooth bones tied together.

Their prolonged shapes
soothe my fingertips and nails.

Photos by: Mojmír Ševčík (2023)
a bell,
a string,
a heavy piece of fur,
the sound of strings,
stretching, howling, calling out
to those who sleep.
-Czort and Gusle (2023)
The rusty bells on my belt.

Their sound is harsh
like their exterior membrane.

The fictitious shape.

It comes from a long way
of misinterpreted shades.

The mismatched array.

Where I come from and where
I decide to play.

A nonexistent space.

That never was.

It’s a nostalgic longing
for the self that spoke.

The antlers on my head.

When the wind grinds against them
their movements elaborate.
~And if they all could sound a way,
if they all could speak for themselves,
these contraptions put on myself
would only sing along to what
I play for them.~
Performed at Lofofora Lom Festival at Kurovicky Lom, Czechia on 23/09/2023, organised by Lofofora (
-Piece for a Suit and a Floor (2023)
~And none of those aspects
has the power to say
whether this play is to remain,
or if it’s to be moved on from
and let this be
its resting